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By Lone Star Dental Center
June 07, 2016
Category: Dental Health

If the average person were asked to pick the one book, movie, or music album they'd take to survive on a remote island (no, streaming is dental crownsnot an option), it would probably be an impossible task. With so many choices and possibilities, it can be incredibly difficult to narrow it down to just one. However, if a dentist were asked to pick the one service they'd take to care for the various cosmetic and general dentistry needs of a remote island population, chances are they'd choose porcelain crowns without hesitation.

Dental Crowns and Cosmetic Dentistry Arlington

The reason is simple. Crowns are something of a wonder treatment that can be used to fix several cosmetic and general dentistry problems. Also known as caps, dental crowns are most commonly used to restore the appearance and function of a severely decayed or broken tooth. If a tooth is too damaged to be saved, crowns can replace missing teeth in conjunction with either dental implants or bridges.

Dr. Thomas T. Tran, a cosmetic and family dentist at Lone Star Dental in Arlington, has helped many patients keep their teeth after a root canal procedure, a bad break from a fall or bite into a hard object, or to help whiten teeth that have been stained from medication or trauma, which may not respond to typical whitening processes. Crowns can help to protect a tooth that might otherwise have to be extracted due to severe decay from a large cavity, and they can also keep the roots and pulp (nerve endings inside the teeth) protected from exposure to infection-causing bacteria.

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As the ambassadors of dentistry, dental crowns can fix a range of common oral health problems. For more information on whether a crown is a good option for you, contact Dr. Thomas T. Tran at Lone Star Dental Center by calling (817) 467-4444 to schedule an appointment today.


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